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The 12 Best US Places To Visit By Month

best us place
Photo by Hang Dinh at Shutterstock

Best US Places

When it comes to your next getaway, one of the most common questions is “where can I travel to during…?” Well, while there’s no simple answer because it depends on your travel style, interests, and budget, deciding where you should go on vacation is just as important as choosing when. Our country is so large that there is always the perfect location to travel to each month, no matter the weather conditions.

We also get how frustrating it is to show up to a destination you’ve been dreaming of only to find that you’ve picked the wrong time to be there, and nothing is going on. From winter skiing and hot-springing, cherry blossom ogling in spring to summer exploration in the northern reaches and autumn spectacles, every place on our list is optimized for the perfect vacation. So check out our 12 best US places you should visit, chosen by month!

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