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Crossing Australia from Perth to Sydney by Train: Beautiful Experience

The white-sand cove of Little Salmon Bay was all mine until the visitor with the claws arrived. The crab on the rock was as orange as hellfire, as hefty as a house brick and – when l noticed it – a couple of metres away from my toes. I sprang up, scrabbling for my shoes. The crab stayed put, possibly smirking. In Australia, as if I needed telling, nature can put you in your place. Continue reading

Top 12 Most Incredible Railway Journeys Worldwide


Best for… Really old rocks. The Bergen Railway to Oslo might just be the toughest battle between man and Mother Nature ever to have been fought in the name of train travel. This link between Norway’s capital and its second city, on the west coast, has to cross the cold, high, remote Hardangervidda, the largest eroded plain in Europe, where the tough, engineering-unfriendly metamorphic rock is around 1.5 billion years old. Continue reading

The Outstanding Experience of Europe by Train

Water lapped the edge of the pavement with such a steady rhythm I was, temporarily, hypnotised by it. Tiny waves leapt up and down, slow and steady, as though peeking up at me to get a better look. It was only when a water taxi passed by, thrusting its frothy wake towards me, that the spell was broken, and I lifted my eyes to see the camera-wielding passengers inside looking back at me. Continue reading

All The Steps You Need For Your Long Term Vacation

A few years ago our kids went to study in the US, leaving us with an empty nest. Since then an annual 4- week visit to the US and elsewhere has become a regular feature. Our travels have been engaging experiences and I thought of sharing a few tips on planning long  vacations.

So here goes…

Continue reading

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Wildfitness Zanzibar, Tanzania: Tropical Forests & Entertainment

With tropical forests, white sands and turquoise shallows, feel the freedom of nature at Wildfitness Zanzibar. Share a life-changing fun-filled adventure with friends in the tranquil Chwaka Bay. The retreat was developed with the natural beauty of Zanzibar’s environment in mind: snorkel amidst turquoise waters, stretch out on empty beaches and sweat it up with high intensity workouts. Continue reading

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Svarga Loka, Bali: Just for Wellness and Traveling Lovers

The ancient Hindu narrative, the Mahabharata, describes Svarga Loka as the ‘good kingdom’ or a heavenly paradise for the gods. Catering to the discerning needs of wellness travellers, the retreat provides a sacred place to reflect and rejuvenate. With various programs and bespoke monthly themes, it’s an idyllic venue for groups on a pursuit of wellness. Continue reading

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