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10 Lighthouses You Can Actually Rent

Photo by Sean Pavone at Shutterstock

There are many “must-sees” when traveling through the country. If you’re exploring during the fall, you must take a road trip to admire the foliage. If you’re traveling during the holidays, you can’t miss checking out the Hallmark-movie-like towns that you can find in certain areas. And if you want to spend time in nature, you can’t miss the stunning and unbelievably underrated state parks. But before anything else, have you ever thought about touring some lighthouses?

Sure, you can photograph them from afar, but did you know you could actually stay in some of them, too? Once an experience only held by lighthouse keepers, these quaint accommodations right in America are the perfect setting for a weekend away with a loved one or even a solo retreat to recharge your batteries. And don’t worry, you won’t be responsible for guiding ships at sea! Here are 10 of my favorites.

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