Sports in Tokyo

Martial Arts in Tokyo Martial arts are practiced in many places throughout Tokyo, but different establishments vary in their openness to non-Japanese as observers and

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Sumo in Tokyo

Sumo tournaments, each lasting 15 days, are held in Tokyo in January, May (when the emperor himself attends), and September, all at the Impressive 10,000-seat

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Nightclubs in Tokyo

Tokyo’s clubs are many and varied, and the club scene is very fluid. There are several centers for nightclubs; Roppongi, the city’s upscale playground, is

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Gambling in Tokyo

Pachinko is a form of disguised gambling; it was devised in Nagoya just after World War II and is based on the American pinball machine.

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Live Music in Tokyo

There is no shortage of venues to hear live music in Tokyo. Many big acts, Japanese and foreign, appear at Shibuya’s Club Quattro. O-West and

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Senso-ji Temple

Popularly known as Asakusa Kannon, this is Tokyo’s most sacred and spectacular temple. In AD 628, two fishermen fished a small gold statue of Kannon,

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