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12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

Photo by DiegoMariottini to Shutterstock

Abandoned Amusement parks have attracted urban explorers for many years. There is something so creepy and just plain spooky about an abandoned amusement park that was once packed with children and laughter, and now deadly silent and maybe haunted! While it’s hard to imagine the fun and excitement of a theme park ending when it shuts down.

Incompetent business plans, lack of profit, and natural disasters are just some of the reasons amusement parks might go out of business. And when these companies do close their doors, it usually leads to demolition or an extreme absence of landscaping and vandalism.

Letting nature run wild usually leads to some beautifully creepy results when some of mankind’s most intricate designs become one with their surroundings. It’s generally against the law to trespass on these properties, but it is entirely legal to live vicariously through these following images of them.

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