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When NOT to Visit These 7 Famous US Cities… and When to Go Instead

Keep reading to find out when NOT to visit some of the best cities in the US… And we’ll let you know when you SHOULD go instead!

Planning your next trip? Before filling up your travel bucket list this year, you should know that there are good and bad times to visit our nation’s most beautiful places. So, if you’re looking to dodge the crowds, look no further because Must See Places has your back!

We’ll tell you when not to visit, so you can plan the perfect trip! We’ve got the best advice on how to sidestep the tourist traps for a more authentic experience. From bustling streets to peaceful landscapes, discover the hidden gems without the hassle of overwhelming crowds.

Learn the art of timing your trips just right, and you’ll have unforgettable moments. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to memorable experiences as we present you with when NOT to visit these 7 US cities… and when to go instead!

When NOT To Visit
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New York City

-When NOT to visit: December
We agree that the Big Apple can be charming in winter with the snow falling all around. And so is that big beautiful spectacle of holiday lights. But it also happens to be the year’s busiest month.

It’s also more pricey because many restaurants and bars withhold their typical happy hour specials because it gets so busy that they don’t need to have them.

Most New Yorkers stay away from Midtown Manhattan in December because of the inrush of visitors. Also, the most expensive month to fly to the Big Apple is December.

-When to go instead: Between the end of October and late November
This is when the temperature is moderate from late fall through early winter, and crowds are insignificant. January can also be a huge bargain. Once the holidays are over, ticket prices tend to drop to their lowest of the year.

San Francisco

-When NOT to visit: Summer
San Francisco can be another enigmatic city, at least to those who don’t actually live there. Even though you would think summer has the best weather, that’s not necessarily true. So, we’ve put it on our list of places “when not to visit.” The marine layer can wreck your summer visit if it’s chilly and windy outside.

You’ll also be competing with crowds of tourists who are traveling during their summer break. And Surprisingly? November may be another good time to steer clear of this city because airfare prices are at their highest.

-When to go instead: Fall through early winter
Autumn through early winter is a much safer bet if you wish to visit San Francisco. The weather is excellent, and the crowds have begun to thin out.

Spring is also one of our favorite times, offering mild temperatures and looking for the best airline price of the year. February is when prices begin to drop.


-When NOT to visit: Winter
Boston is another one of those cities that might be somewhat scenic during the wintertime, but it isn’t necessarily the most suitable time to explore this remarkable city and all that it has to offer.

After all, most of Beantown’s attraction has to do with outdoor activities, including its parks, sidewalk cafes, historical commons, harbor front, and much more.

If you want to see Boston at its finest, wait for late spring or early fall. Another thing worth mentioning is that you’ll find the most affordable ticket prices in January.

-When to go instead: Late spring, early fall
Even though summer is among the most stunning times of year in Boston, the crowds and expensive hotel prices will make visiting a challenge. So try to opt for late spring or early fall, both suitable choices.

This way, you’ll still have nice temperatures and the bonus of less tourists during this time. October also brings the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, an event showcasing a variety of food.

When NOT To Visit
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-When NOT to visit: Summer and winter
Chicago is always a fascinating city to visit. But it’s best not to plan on exploring all that it has to offer during the middle of summer when it’s peak tourist season, not to mention high airfare prices, unless, of course, you’re planning on attending one of the many festivals taking place in the Windy City’s summer months.

Popular offerings include Pride Fest, the Chicago Blues Festival, and the Chicago Pride Parade. Another aspect to consider: Although you’ll find the cheapest airline tickets in January, it’s a wise idea to include this city on your list of “when not to visit” to avoid spending the winter in Chicago… unless you enjoy freezing!

-When to go instead: April through May; September through October
Like many other popular destinations in the US, shoulder seasons are your best bet. April through May and September through October are the best times to visit.

There are plenty of unique festivals during these two less touristy times of the year, as well. Among your choices are Mayfest, a celebration of the city’s German heritage, and the Chicago Film Festival taking place in October.

New Orleans

-When NOT to visit: July
New Orleans is undoubtedly one of the nation’s biggest tourism hotspots. Nevertheless, hot is the crucial word for evading the city in July. The average temperature around this time is 91 degrees, which can feel hotter and wetter with the humidity.

Just because the kiddos are out of school doesn’t mean NOLA is a wise summer vacation destination.

And besides the sweat factor, July falls during hurricane season, which is the main reason you see it on our list of “when not to visit” this beautiful place. We also wouldn’t visit this historical city when airline ticket prices peak in April.

-When to go instead: October
Not only is the temperature more comfortable if you visit in October, but Halloween in this city is second only to Mardi Gras, well-known for its wild and crazy costumes. People in New Orleans go all out for Halloween.

And as a bonus? There are numerous haunted tours around the French Quarter, which include the city’s historic cemeteries. Voodoo shops all throughout New Orleans also make the most of this holiday.

Another suitable alternative would be visiting in January when airline ticket prices begin to drop.

Orlando, Florida

-When NOT to visit: Last week of December through the first week of January; last week of March through the first week of April
It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the busiest times in a famous city known for its kid-friendly theme parks overlap with school breaks around the nation.

Bottom line? NEVER visit Orlando around school breaks when there are endless lines for rides, attractions, and restaurants and when prices seem to be the highest. Airline ticket costs are also the most expensive in March.

-When to go instead: Second week of January through the first week of February and in September
You’ll find the lines, not to mention prices, far more reasonable when the kiddos are back in school. January is also when airline tickets are the most affordable.

When NOT To Visit
Photo by Sean Pavone at Shutterstock

Los Angeles

-When NOT to visit: Summer
Welcome to the City of Angels! But even though this seems counterintuitive for those outside Southern California, there are better times to visit than in the middle of summer. June, in particular, means days of overcast weather thanks to the marine layer moving in.

Temperatures skyrocket once the marine layer is gone and the beaches are crammed. So it’s best to avoid them. Remember that school is also out. So there are crowds at almost all the popular tourist attractions.

And not that we have anything against December, but this would be another “when not to visit” choice when airline ticket prices hit their peak during this month.

-When to go instead: October
Pro Tip: October is gorgeous in California. The weather is dry, sunny, and extremely warm. And yet, the tourists have gone home. So you’ll have all the perfect opportunities to snap some pics of the most gorgeous backdrops LA has to offer.

Of course, if it’s budget alone you’re thinking about, January has the most inexpensive airline tickets of the year.

Now that we’ve covered when not to visit some of the most famous cities in the US, what are YOUR thoughts? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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