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12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

Photo by UMB-O at Shutterstock

Lincoln Park, North Dartmouth, MA

As a former escape for President Kennedy and his children, in 1894, this spot in Lincoln Park was opened by the Union Street Railway Co. as a picnic area. Regardless of the celebrity connections, this park was full of lousy luck, safety issues, not to mention poor reviews. It started with a death in 1964 and a memorable accident on the infamous “Comet” rollercoaster in 1986. This caused many safety concerns to appear in people’s minds.

By 1987 things got worse when an electrical contractor died due to faulty breaks on the Comet, causing the cart to derail! This left passengers hanging helplessly in the air and injured four people! The park finally closed in 1987 due to low attendance. In July 2012, the 3,000ft long wooden Comet was finally demolished as nostalgic fans stood by and watched to say farewell. All that’s left of the park these days are some vandalized and decrepit scraps.

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