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12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

Photo by Kristina Rogers at Shutterstock

Six Flags, New Orleans, LA

Six Flags New Orleans was once a crowded park full of laughter and joy! That changed in August 2005 after only five years when Hurricane Katrina hit the area. The storm ravaged the park and immersed it with over 20 feet of water that took more than a month to drain. This added pressure made the park’s drainage pump fail, and a downpour of water ruptured the berm protecting the area from Lake Pontchartrain! After that, the park closed without plans to reopen.

Despite attempts to restore the park, it is still closed today but has yet to be demolished. These days stillness engulfs the area, as this sad shadow of its former self lies regrettably stuck in time, as graffiti and rust cover the dilapidated rollercoasters and Ferris wheels. Images from people who have snuck into the park reveal the deserted and decaying structures encompassed by overgrown plants and infested wildlife. You can still notice it from the interstate as a dense jungle with wild plants and trees winding around the rollercoasters! Because of large amounts of putrid water still in the area and the damage to sealife tanks, rumor has it alligators swim in this park!

Fun Fact: The actual park has been a movie location for Hollywood blockbusters such as Jurassic World!

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