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12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

Photo by Damian Kojak Miszewski at Shutterstock

Chippewa Lake Park, Chippeaw Lake Park, OH

At the abandoned Chippewa Lake Park, the concession stands are fallen masses of rotting timber. Trees disguise the Ferris wheel fixed with rust. A forsaken roller coaster stands in ghostly silence. This once Cotton Candy-filled park was opened back in 1878 and achieved decades of success before its glum end in 1978 due to poor attendance.

These days the trees and nature have enveloped the Rollercoasters and Ferris wheel in a very creepy way. Add in many decades of harsh weather, and it’s clear to see this is a shadow of its nostalgic Cotton Candy filled days.

Fun Fact: Due to its haunted and creepy look, it’s perfect for making a horror movie. The park has acted as a background for the film, Closed For the Season!

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