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10 Magnificent Oldest Churches And Cathedrals In America

Photo by Chubykin Arkady at Shutterstock

Have You Seen Any Of These Amazing Oldest Episcopal Churches In The USA?

In each country across the globe, sacred and spiritual places have been the destination of travel for hundreds of years. Churches, cathedrals, and many other places of worship are usually among the most visited… and for good reason!

These sacred sites amaze and surprise visitors with their pristine structure, beautifully intricate designs, and history. While Europe is rightfully famed for its rich history and religious sites, the US also has many sacred landmarks that are worth visiting.

None may be more profound than the enchanting oldest episcopal churches in the USA, with their jaw-dropping architecture and interior designs.

We’ve found 10 of the most beautiful cathedrals and churches in OUR country, so pack your most comfortable walking shoes and get ready to be inspired for your next trip!

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