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10 Magnificent Oldest Churches And Cathedrals In America

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St. Luke’s Church

Where? Benns Church, Virginia
Year Built: 1682 (but some sources say 1632)
Religion: First Anglican, then Episcopal
Still in Use: Museum

This church is a rare example of what is known as Artisan Mannerism Architecture from the 17th century. The church’s architecture blends Gothic, Romanesque, and Jacobean elements. St. Luke’s Church was an Anglican church built sometime around the 17th century.

There have been arguments over this church’s age, with local legends saying the church has been around since 1632 and architectural historians and archaeologists placing the church much later to around the 1680s.

Additionally, St. Luke’s Church claims it is one of the oldest episcopal churches in the USA. However, St. Mary’s Whitechapel is older, and parts of the Jamestown Church from 1639 have also survived.

Regardless of its actual age, St. Luke’s Church has been carefully looked after, and much of the building’s exterior is original. An active congregation no longer uses St. Luke’s Church and now serves as a museum and National Historic Landmark.

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