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10 Magnificent Oldest Churches And Cathedrals In America

Photo by Joseph Sohm at Shutterstock

Jamestown Church

Where? Jamestown, Virginia
Year Built: 1617
Religion: Anglican
Still in Use: Yes

Located in Virginia, Jamestown Church was built not long after the British colonists arrived in the New World. It also happens to be one of the oldest buildings in the country, with the initial foundations going back to 1617 and the brick church next to it dating back to 1639.

This is the historic location where the first representative government of what would later become the United States of America met.

Regardless, in the 1700s, the church was left behind and began to fall into decay, and in 1907 a reconstruction church was constructed next to the original tower.

These days, the foundations of the 1617 church and the 1639 church can be viewed under glass at the reconstructed church. This historic landmark is an essential piece of American history and is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area.

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