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5 Magnificent and Low-Cost Summer Destinations in the US

Low-Cost Summer Destination
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San Antonio, Texas

Average hotel price per night: $55
The average cost of meals per day: $192
Local transport (2 one-way tickets): $6

This city is home to the Alamo, the famously historic battleground and a popular interest for visitors from all over the world.

But beyond San Antonio’s historic significance, this low-cost summer destination also offers a gorgeous river walk, a wide variety of food and drink possibilities, and lots to see and do. Everything’s accessible on a bike share bicycle, too.

San Antonio boasts affordable yet delicious Tex-Mex and a great selection of free attractions, including access to the National Historical Park and the Alamo. There are even many things to see if you just take a leisurely stroll along the river.

So this is the perfect low-cost summer destination for those who are looking to simply unwind. The city has a super strong public transportation system, meaning you can avoid all those expensive Uber trips.

Plus, you can find a great variety of budget-friendly accommodations, including Airbnb.

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