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5 Magnificent and Low-Cost Summer Destinations in the US

Low-Cost Summer Destination
Photo by Wangkun Jia at Shutterstock

Williamsburg, Virginia

Average hotel price per night: $59
The average cost of meals per day: $204
Local transport (2 one-way tickets): $14

If you’re a history lover, this is the perfect low-cost summer destination for you and your family. Visitors will feel transported back in time to colonial America in the restored historic area of this city.

With people dressed in the attire of the 18th century, horses and buggies stomping by, and historical reenactments happening all year round, visitors can get a taste of what life was like when the colonists established an independent nation.

And since you’re already in the area, you should also check out nearby Yorktown, where you can visit the American Revolution Museum, which includes galleries of artifacts and interactive exhibits. Are you bringing the kids and grandkids n this trip?

Then the family will love Busch Gardens theme park, which offers various rides, from roller coasters and water slides, along with a plethora of delicious food and live music.

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