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5 Most Charming State Fairs in America

State Fair
Photo by melissamn at Shutterstock

Have YOU Ever Been To A State Fair?

Each year, every state in the United States celebrates its local culture, commerce, and cuisine at state fairs, where all types of delicious foods are offered alongside many competitions and thrill rides.

Time-honored staples, like rides, games, and fried food, can be found no matter which state you visit. It’s all about family-friendly fun at the fairgrounds.

You can also be sure that there are always contests and competitions, attractions and amusement, carnivals and concessions, education and exhibitions, parades and live shows.

And no matter how you spend your time at the state fair, you’ll always walk away with some treasured memories that will last you a lifetime.

Many state fairs go back 150 years, showcasing the very best that their respective state’s ranchers, farmers, artists, and bakers have to offer. But which one is the best? It’s too hard to decide.

So we’ll let YOU do it! Be sure to leave us a comment when you’re finished reading to tell us which area has the BEST state fair.

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