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5 Charming TV and Movie Locations You Should Add to Your Bucket List

Movie Location
Photo by Georgios Antonatos at Shutterstock

Step into these tv and movie locations that will welcome you all year-round!

If you could step into your favorite film or tv series, would you? Most of us wouldn’t even hesitate to answer “YES.”

But while there’s no way to magically transport yourself into your favorite movie or tv show, you can visit the real-life places where several iconic films and series were filmed.

Tinsel Town might seem like the perfect vacation destination for a movie aficionado. But trust us…there’s so much more to film than the bright lights and massive sets.

Anyone living in a charming small town knows just how thrilling it is when a director chooses its community for its movie location. So why not avoid the crowds on your next getaway and visit one of our country’s small towns or cities that made it to the big screen?

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