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11 Stunning US Locations With Amazing Natural Phenomenon

Photo by cortex-film at Shutterstock

America can be a weird place. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a wonderfully weird place. With all the phenomenal beauty we’ve got going on, nature was bound to throw a little curveball in there for good measure. Over time, science has helped explain these natural occurrences, from rainbow swamps to fire tornadoes and even places where gravity seems to work in reverse. This great land offers us a full buffet of the most bizarre and mysterious quirks of nature.

Check out these strange phenomena around the US and prepare to be left so shocked that you can’t believe what you’re seeing, let alone come up with a reasonable explanation for them. Perhaps that’s why humans have created stories and myths for thousands of years to help explain even the easiest of Earth’s natural phenomena. For instance, ancient Greeks had Zeus in charge of lightning, and the Egyptians attributed the sun’s movement across the sky to the work of their god Ra.

First, we look at a place where it looks like someone dropped a rainbow…..

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