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10 Most Breathtaking Islands In America

Photo by NayaDadara at Shutterstock

Typically, when planning out our vacations, we tend to stick to our regular places. These types of trips are always lovely, but sometimes it’s worth it breaking out of your shell to visit the breathtaking views of various islands around America. The coasts of the United States are dotted with too many spectacular islands to count, let alone summarize on a Top 10 list.

You can expect beautiful beaches with crazy seashell collections, no cars, charming bike paths and carriage roads, blissful national parks, authentic Victorian vibes, and oyster cocktail pubs. The one typical quality between them is that they are all worth bridge-crossing, ferry-hopping, helicopter-splurging, or twin engine-braving to savor for yourself.

We have found for you 1o stunning islands that will allow you to explore new places that you haven’t seen yet and which you can reach through major cities.

Our first island offers the oldest hotel in its state…..

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