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4 Stunning Summer Bucket List Destinations You’re Missing Out On

Summer Bucket List
Photo by Olesya Kuprina at Shutterstock

What’s on YOUR summer bucket list?

Planning for the summer is always a fun experience, and you’re probably all too familiar with the most popular places to visit in the US. But sometimes, crowded beaches, long waiting times at restaurants, and overpriced cocktails just aren’t the vibe we’re going for.

We want to wake up and move at a leisurely pace, not set our alarms and rush to beat the crowds on the beach. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution! How about a location that’s a little more underrated and laid back but also breathtakingly beautiful?

Depending on what you have on your summer bucket list this year, many hidden gems all across the US will make all your planning efforts worth it.

Whether it’s a rarely-visited national park, a charming small town only locals know about, or a ski area that doesn’t get enough recognition for its warm weather offerings, we’ve included something for everyone.

So here are 4 of the most underrated summer bucket list destinations to look into for your summer vacation!

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2 thoughts on “4 Stunning Summer Bucket List Destinations You’re Missing Out On”

  1. would like locations at airnb easy,laid back. my husband in our 70,s with some physical problems. walk withcanes

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