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6 Romantic Road Trips Retirees Will Love

Romantic Road Trip
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When was the last time you took a romantic road trip with your partner?

Is there anything more romantic than an epic road trip with the one you love on the passenger side? Luckily, our country has thousands of miles of scenic roadways with many beaches, national parks, and mountain vistas.

On a romantic road trip, there are no “to-do lists,” only bucket lists! And instead of stressing about getting things done, you’ll enjoy sunset picnics, secluded canyons, and long stretches of back-road rambling.

You might want to consider a road trip if you find romantic candlelight dinners and carriage rides cliched. What better way to rekindle the spark than planning to explore the romantic side of the US together?

For the ultimate bonding experience, sync your playlists, grab your favorite road trip snacks, and embark on one of these 4 romantic road trips for couples TODAY!

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