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5 Best Summer Camps for Adults in the US

summer camp
Photo by Jacob Lund at Shutterstock

Remember going to summer camp when you were little?

Being an adult means too many responsibilities and not enough fun. Once you’re grown with a full-time job, the appeal of summer isn’t as promising as it used to be. Most of us work full-time with bills to pay and piled on responsibilities.

We all know the struggle, and sometimes, all our duties and worries add up. Our summer months mainly involve sitting near the AC and struggling to catch some time at nearby beaches over the weekends. So let’s think back.

At one point, summer was synonymous with canoes, campfire songs, and lots of other outdoor adventures. This is how the idea of adult summer camps came about. You can go to summer camp for grown-ups and find fun activities with others in the same boat as you!

Whether you’re looking to stay active or dress up and live life like you’re in a video game, adult summer camps are the perfect way to meet new people, unleash your inner child and forget about your daily worries.

Ready to rediscover the joys of unplugged playtime? We guarantee you won’t feel homesick at all in any of these 7 nostalgia-inducing grown-up summer camps.

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