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4 Best Midwest Road Trips in the US

Photo by Frank Kennedy MN at Shutterstock

How Much Do You Know About The Midwest?

What’s YOUR annual summer ritual? For some, it may be loading the car with the kids and snacks for the drive to Florida to bask in the sunshine.

While for others, it might be setting out for the unknown, with the opportunity for discovery and adventure around the next turn. After all, when the desire to travel strikes, hitting the road is the most spontaneous way to get your fix.

Even just a weekend trip can refresh your mindset. Well, for those craving adventures, the Midwest offers a variety of landscapes ripe for exploration with a classic road trip.

From rolling vineyards to lush river valleys, high limestone bluffs to some pretty great lakes, this region of our country is often overlooked. But we’ve decided it was time to change that.

So cue up a playlist, pack your favorite snacks, and hit the road on one of these 4 Midwestern road trips, sure to highlight the best of America’s vibrant heartland.

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