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5 US Places All Alien and UFO Fans Should Visit

Photo by TLF Images at Shutterstock

Hooper, Colorado

Several reports of mysterious creatures and missing animals have earned Hooper, Colorado, a spot on our list.

In fact, so many people started traveling to this spooky place that the UFO Watchtower was installed so that onlookers could get a 360-degree picturesque view of Hooper’s lovely starry sky.

You can make a weekend of it and camp out in this stunning, scenic refuge. Just be sure to have your camera ready because if you look close enough, you might actually spot something odd.

If you ever find yourself in Colorado, this UFO hotspot is the perfect place to look out for some flying saucers! And even if you don’t get a chance to see any supernatural sights, you’ll have the sparkling night sky to keep you amazed!

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