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5 Best Bourbon Distilleries to Visit in Kentucky

Photo by Jozef Sowa at Shutterstock

How much do YOU know about the Kentucky bourbon scene?

Kentucky is among the most well-known states in our beautiful country, known for its bourbon distilling history. The area has been distilling various brands of alcohol for ages, so much so that it’s even well-known across the globe as the home of a large variety of drinks.

This is a culture and a business that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. Kentucky distillery tours and tastings show visitors how the spirits are made.

So you’ll walk away with a more refined palate, some knowledge, and probably a few bottles to take home with you. Check out 5 Kentucky distilleries all bourbon fans should visit at least once.

And don’t worry. Some even offer other alcoholic beverages for those hoping for a little variety on their trip.

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