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5 US Places All Alien and UFO Fans Should Visit

Photo by Dean Clarke at Shutterstock

Area 51, Nevada

We obviously had to save the best for last. If you believe anything about aliens and them crashing at Roswell, then you most likely know about them being taken to Area 51.

The “official” story is that this is a top-secret weapons testing facility where crafts like the U-2 bomber were first tested and flown. Until recent years, the government denied that Area 51 even existed, so who knows what they’re still denying or hiding.

But no matter what you choose to believe, you can spend about $200 of your money on an all-day tour around this area. Of course, you could always just drive around it to check out the area yourself. Just make sure you don’t get too close.

Since getting into our country’s top-secret military facility isn’t possible without a special badge, the next best thing is its tour.

Its highlights include a stop at the famous Little A’le’ Inn, a drive on the extraterrestrial highway, the Joshua Tree Forest that’s featured in the movie “Men in Black,” and the location of the allegedly abducted black mailbox.

You might even get to see some mysterious lights in the sky, which are constantly sighted in this area.

If you decide to visit any of these locations, be sure to leave a comment to let us know which of them was your favorite!

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