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5 US Places All Alien and UFO Fans Should Visit

Photo by LMPark Photos at Shutterstock

Aurora, Texas

Aurora is a small town about 30 miles away from Fort Worth. If visiting, your first stop MUST be the cemetery! You’ll find the burial site of a unique individual: the android pilot of a cigar-shaped object. How did he get there?

Well, sometime in May 1897, which is 50 years BEFORE the Roswell crash, it fell from the sky and crashed into a windmill that belonged to one of the local magistrates. Nowadays, it’s considered the only extraterrestrial gravesite in the United States.

The navigator even got a name. People called him Ned, and they believed he was from Mars. That’s what locals believed at the time, anyway. But here’s where the story gets a bit bizarre… Authorities haven’t been able to prove locals wrong!

Researchers tested the metal from the crash site and found the results inconclusive. They DID attempt to exhume Ned’s grave.

But unfortunately, they were prohibited from doing so because to disinter a grave, you must first notify the next of kin… We can see how that would be a problem!

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