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8 Legendary Chicago Summer Attractions You “Must-See” Right NOW!

Chicago Summer Attraction
Photo by Sean Pavone at Shutterstock

Pack your bags and grab your sunscreen! These Chicago summer attractions will have you hitting the road ASAP!

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to soak up as much sun as possible. But where? Well, Chicago is an incredible destination on Lake Michigan’s shores and is well-known for its genuinely picturesque skyline.

But it’s not seeing those prominent skyscrapers that make up all the things to do in the windy city for the regular tourist. Tales of Prohibition-era crime and gangsters of the past provide a fascinating historical backdrop for the city.

And home to 77 neighborhoods, a sprawling waterfront, a full lineup of festivals, and enchanting parks throughout, Chicago packs in something for every single one of its locals.

Add to that a list of award-winning theaters, iconic architecture, and vibrant dining, and you’re looking at a world-class destination…smack dab in our nation’s heartland.

Combine this with the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza, and you can see why millions visit the city yearly. So no matter your plans in the coming months, these 8 Chicago Summer Attractions belong on your bucket list!

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