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8 Stunning Wheelchair-Accessible Vacation Spots You’ll Want to Visit ASAP

Wheelchair-Accessible Vacation Spot
Photo by wavebreakmedia at Shutterstock

Did you think wheelchair-accessible vacation spots were hard to come by?… Not today!

If you’re a wheelchair user, there are many places you can’t visit, even in your own town, let alone the rest of the country!

Living with a disability is already difficult enough, and finding a wheelchair-accessible vacation spot becomes 1,000 times more challenging when you also love traveling and want a vacation.

The “Americans With Disabilities Act” requires cities, businesses, and institutions to make their facilities accessible to ALL. That includes public transit like buses and subways. And it also refers to infrastructure, including stairways, sidewalks, and elevators.

At the same time, this even includes hotels, restaurants, stores, schools, movie theaters, museums, etc.

But even though this act has been in effect since 1990 and was amended in 2009, many locations and spaces across the US aren’t fully compliant, making traveling tricky at times. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or planning on taking someone you care for on vacation, these 8 wheelchair-accessible vacation spots will give you the right mix of relaxation and adventure, all in a safe and easy-to-access way.

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