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6 Incredible Freshwater Springs in Florida You MUST Add to Your Bucket List

Freshwater Springs In Florida
Photo by Robert Greeley at Shutterstock

The sunshine state is known for many things, but did you know that freshwater springs in Florida are some of the best?

While Florida is known for its exquisite beaches on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the natural springs in this state are some of the most beautiful and pristine waters in the world.

Due to the porous limestone underneath the Florida peninsula, freshwater collects below the surface. This has led to natural wonders in the form of over 700 freshwater springs! But we must admit: choosing which freshwater springs in Florida to visit can be challenging.

They’re crystal-clear and remain around a crisp 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year, but some are better for diving, while others are more photogenic. So how do you choose?… Stick with us as we explore 6 of our favorites!

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