Top 10 Scenic Roads For Your Next Road Trip

Photo by Monkey Business Images at Shutterstock

There’s something about seeing a country on four wheels that makes you feel absorbed by a place. The roadside restaurants, the freedom to linger, the exhilaration and pain of getting lost in an age of constant Google Mapping, isn’t half the fun of travel the detours?

The best road trips in the country will take you through some iconic places. But with an untold number of miles of roadways tracing the country, it can be hard to pick the best route. So grab your car, turn the speakers up, and get ready for a road trip of a lifetime.

With beautiful coastlines, opulent National Parks, incredible small towns, and fantastic wildlife, there’s so much to see and do on America’s incredible roads, and we’ve picked out the best of the lot. Here are 10 of the US’s best road trips.

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