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Florida’s Top 8 Best Weekend Trip Destinations

Do you want to soak up the sun? See what are Florida’s best weekend trip destinations

Long travels aren’t for everybody, especially if you’re a busy person. But what do you say about a weekend getaway to enjoy a bit of free time and relaxation? I bet you’re smiling while reading this. That’s great! In today’s article, I will make a list of some of Florida’s best weekend trip destinations.

The Sunshine State is a topic for debate, but there’s no doubting its popularity as a year-round weekend vacation location. Clear blue skies, large and friendly beaches, and an uninterrupted supply of vitamin D that delivers a potent endorphin punch are some of Florida’s greatest activities. You might want to pack your bags after seeing these destinations, so let’s start.

Florida's best weekend trip destinations
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1. The Palm Beaches

You probably guessed, but one of the first Florida’s best weekend trip destinations is Palm Beach. Why did I choose Palm Beach? Let’s see. The Palm Beaches are fantastic since you may choose how elegant or casual you want your vacation to be.

Will you spend your time at the spa or tanning when you check into one of the opulent seaside dames, such as The Breakers Palm Beach, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, or the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach?

Are you on a budget for this weekend’s getaway? No problem, because there are plenty of free or super-affordable activities that can make your stay pleasant.

You can go for a free Friday movie on the water in West Palm Beach, keep an eye out for any free concerts, go for a stroll with a bike, and cycle around the town to admire everything, including some of the famous murals, or go to Gumbo Limbo.

2. Orlando

Have you ever been to Orlando? If not, this is the sign you need to quickly pack your bags, because what I am about to tell you will convince you for sure that it’s worth it.

Many visitors are unaware that Orlando offers much more than just theme parks; among its many attractions is one of the most vibrant culinary scenes in Florida, particularly in the Mills 50 neighborhood, which is home to an unexpectedly wide variety of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian eateries.
Wander around the charming, almost European-feeling Winter Park neighborhood’s brick-paved streets. Situated close to the downtown area, the Alfond Inn is a boutique hotel with an art-focused atmosphere.

It’s within walking distance from popular eateries like Prato, an Italian favorite, and the Saturday morning Winter Park Farmers’ Market. You may also take a boat trip to the neighboring network of lakes.

If you want a nice hotel, you can always check out the AC Hotel Orlando Downtown, which is also super close to Lake Eola Park, and on Sundays, the park features a fantastic farmers market that includes a beer garden shaded by live oak trees.

3. Sarasota

Moving further to one of my favorite Florida’s best weekend trip destinations which is Sarasota. Since me and my family are always looking for inexpensive getaways in a place in which the only thing we can hear is the waves, Sarasota is our go-to place whenever we have the time.

If you’re searching for an exciting and reasonably priced weekend trip, Sarasota is an excellent option to go. Situated on Florida’s central west coast, approximately an hour’s drive from Miami, Sarasota boasts breathtaking beaches and a lively cultural scene.

You will love visiting Sarasota if you’re looking for a more laid-back beach experience. There’s much to see and do, from visiting the artistic downtown area to swimming in the warm seas of Siesta Key!

4. Gennie Springs

If you are looking for a low-cost trip, I have the perfect suggestion for a weekend getaway: Geenie Springs. You may camp at Gennie Springs for an overnight visit, so bring your camping supplies or reserve one of their cottages.

If you’re lacking any equipment, take a look at some of Amazon’s greatest deals. I bought myself this tent, and I’m generally happy with it. 

Enjoy yourself when swimming in the springs during the day! A campfire and a barbecue are enjoyable activities to undertake at night. Geenie Springs is a great destination for a weekend getaway with friends and family, but also for couples who are trying to reconnect.

If you are traveling from Miami, Gennie Springs is a little bit farther away. A five-hour drive is involved. It takes around three hours to get there by car from Orlando or Tampa.

Florida's best weekend trip destinations
Photo by BuzzAbove from Shutterstock

5. Delray Beach

Delray Beach offers public parks and galleries, which makes it a fantastic choice for an inexpensive weekend trip in Florida. There are many boardwalks in open areas like the former Wakodahatchee Wetlands property, which was once owned by water companies, where people may promenade in the morning.

Tourists may also spend an afternoon exploring Atlantic Avenue, a historic street with a bustling nightlife, interesting boutiques, art galleries, and local food sellers, for a more downtown experience.

For those who want to make the most of their day in Delray Beach, the street also leads directly back to the beach.

6. Ocala

Whenever you’re looking for a weekend getaway in a nice place, think about Ocala. Blending more than 400 thoroughbred horse farms and training facilities with many protected natural areas, Ocala is a unique community in Florida.

Ocala is home to many low-cost and free federally protected areas, such as Rainbow Springs State Park and Ocala National Forest. One other option for those seeking a more unusual Florida weekend excursion is to visit some of Ocala’s top-notch horse farms and instructional centers.

People can visit Ocala Stud and The Five Phases Farm, or they can take advantage of Farm Tours of Ocala, which offers tours of other farms.

7. Sanibel Island

An affordable weekend break in Florida would be ideal on Sanibel Island! It is about an almost three-hour drive from Miami off the coast. It has serene surroundings and incredibly beautiful beaches. Sanibel Island’s seas are blue and stunningly clean.

It’s perfect if you wish to engage in some exciting sports like jet skiing, swimming, or snorkeling. There won’t be as much nightlife as in Miami, Orlando, or Tampa because the area is small.

8. St. Augustine

Whenever you’re thinking about visiting a historical place that also has a cool beach, choose St. Augustine, one of Florida’s best weekend trip destinations. In my case, the visit was extended to Wednesday, and I enjoyed it!

There is enough to discover because it is the oldest city in the United States. In addition to visiting a great deal of historical sites, you may enjoy the town and beaches. One of Florida’s nicest beaches is in St. Augustine. Taking a sunset boat with a glass of wine and taking in the picturesque town is one of my favorite activities to do.

I hope these wonderful locations will inspire you if you’re thinking about taking a weekend getaway anytime soon. And remember that from time to time, it’s beneficial to take a break from everything; just sit back and relax while sipping a cocktail in front of the sea.

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