Petermann’s Kunststuben – Küsnacht, Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Cuisine Steps to the Forefront

What’s good enough for the Swiss president, a regular patron, is good enough for most. And now that two thirds of the Swiss triumvirate of master chefs is gone (Frédy Girardet is retired and Hans Stucki has passed on),

Horst Petermann reigns in a league of his own, continuing to inspire chefs who are making a significant place for Swiss cuisine on the gastronomic map. In a relentlessly elegant, flower-filled dining room in a 19th-century lakeside house on the outskirts of Zurich, Petermann wows his international clientele with a menu that is almost compulsively inventive, every mouthful a revelation. In warm weather a small but delightful outdoor garden is the place to be.

The ever-evolving and market-based offerings include fish dishes he keeps as fresh and natural as possible and various preparations of filet mignon and foie gras that underline his brilliance. Those with a sweet tooth will never forget Petermann’s signature hot mint soufflé on a “carpaccio” of thinly sliced peaches.

The wine cellar lives up to expectations, including a small but par­ticularly good selection of labels from Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of southern Switzerland.

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