Blissing Out in Barbados

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This island had such a grand history of British sophistication intertwined with laidback island swagger that a cup of tea, chased by a cold Banks beer, is not unheard of.

I like it in Barbados!

The island’s diverse terrain keeps me interested; even though traversing the entire country can be done in a day, if so desired…why would you? Gazing at the waves on the Atlantic side of the island, I can bask in the sun and take in the action of surfers who simply adore the swells that whip them closer and closer to shore. On the East Coast, the most famous surf spot on the island, The Soup Bowl is where I park and ride the emotional waves of watching people time the pace of the swells and try to catch their next ride. That’s a sight that never gets dull. The view sucks me in, but I’m content bravely cheering from the shore. One of these days I’ll take surfing lessons and get out there…

For now I ride on around the island, passing countless little rum shops and a few of my unequaled favorites – street vendors selling fruit. It’s my thing. I can’t help myself. One fresh coconut water and a mango, and I am off!

“When I am traveling to this island, it rarely takes more than placing a FOOT in the sand before I feel completely MYSELF.”

Those are my “roadies” because I am staying at The House. It’s a luxury resort with welcoming staff. The name is so fitting because you really feel at home. Especially if you’re used to your home being situated on a gorgeous stretch of beach, staffed by the most hospitable group of versatile employees ever, and stocked with some of the greatest bubbly around, then yeah – welcome home! Although I know there would be no issue with me bringing back my coconut and mango, I didn’t want to appear gluttonous. There were delectable offerings to be had as I sat and watched the sun dip into the calm Caribbean Sea… and no way was I going to pass those up.

When I am traveling to this island, it rarely takes more than placing a foot in the sand before I feel completely myself. And after a day watching the athleticism of the surfers and a solid sunset, I scoped out the itinerary for the next couple of days. The plan was not to be too strenuous, unlike my last trip to the island when I came for Crop Over, the annual carnival-like festival. If you want to see an island come alive, get down here during this premier summer festival. From the opening gala to the finale, called the Grand Kadooment, it’s a nonstop party, day and night.

“It’s really an all-encompassing ISLAND… action on and off the water, style, class and wonderfully HOSPITABLE PEOPLE.”

Rihanna at Grand Kadooment Carnival in Barbados, her birthplace

As I am in the mood for a relaxing vacation (with moments of fabulousness), I chart out a trip to Port Ferdinand, a new luxury development on the island. Marina, health and wellness, condos overlooking the water, valet parking, and all the bells and whistles one could ask for – very lush with breathtaking amenities in every unit.

View from Port Ferdinand – Barbados

If I were to call Barbados my second home, this is a turn-key operation where I would feel very pampered when on the road, knowing that my place was well taken care of when I was away. Hmmmm. I spend so much time in the Caribbean that I think a second home base might be in order!

There’s so much more to see on the island. It’s distinctively charming and full of endless possibilities. Be sure to check out one of my favorite haunts when you come, dinner at The Cliff Restaurant… then head upstairs to the bar for a fantastic nightcap.

It’s really an all-encompassing island…action on and off the water, style, class and wonderfully hospitable people. I recommend the flying fish fritters, a stop at a rum shop for local flavor, some time on a yacht, a cave tour, and some horse racing. Yes, it’s that eclectic and that dialed-in to what’s hot!

Whatever your cup of tea (or beer), I think you’re going to like Barbados as much as I do.

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