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They say the beach can fix anything. That’s why I’m offering you a secluded beach with a view of Mount Rinjani and a private boutique resort to overnight. Feeling better, right?

I’m heading to West Sumbawa for the first time, starting my journey at Lombok International Airport and continuing to Kayangan Harbour for a boat trip to Sumbawa, accompanied by the rolling hills and cool sea breezes. After 90 minutes I arrive at Benete Harbour and then it’s a 30-minute drive to a secluded boutique resort in West Sumbawa called MYAMO Beach Lodge.

Long Journey

We hear a lot about Moyo Island and Kenawa Island. They are beautiful, for sure. But sometimes we need something new. That’s why I’m super excited to get a chance to explore Sumbawa Island for the first time. From Benete Harbour, the closest city is Jereweh, and not too far from the centre of Jereweh is MYAMO Beach Lodge, a place to unwind and enjoy. MYAMO Beach Lodge by Private Sanctuary in West Sumbawa is a brand- new, dreamlike boutique resort located on the most beautiful beach in West Sumbawa. It is a bit of a journey to reach West Sumbawa, but it’s the route to paradise. You know how people say the journey it is more important than the destination? Well, that’s not quite the case when your destination is MYAMO. There is another way to reach the resort. Instead of landing in Lombok and then crossing the island, you can touch down in Sumbawa and then take about a three-hour road trip from Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport to the resort.

About the Resort

MYAMO opened in 2016, part of the Private Sanctuary group. MYAMO is beautiful and homey. A natural path leads to a vintage Volkswagen standing near the main door. Entering MYAMO is like visiting your family house or a beach house. The design is minimalist and the dominant colours are white and turquoise.

Just off the lobby is an area that is used for the restaurant and a relaxation room. MYAMO has eight rooms and plans to add more rooms and a pool near the beach. The resort offers Twin and Double Rooms, near the beach. During my stay at MYAMO, I had the chance to experience the Penthouses with a huge shared terrace. My days were filled with extraordinary views of the beach and Mount Rinjani. The room itself is minimalist with lots of whites and wood furniture. The glass door and windows let you fully enjoy the views.

The Beauty Around MYAMOmyamo-beach-lodge-1

The resort is one perfect package. Beyond the resort and its glorious beach is a spectacular paradise of natural scenery. When I arrived at the resort in the afternoon, Mount Rinjani was not visible, so I woke up early the next morning to see the new day arrive and admire a mountain revered by many people.

A morning walk along the beach is a peaceful way to start the day at MYAMO. Not too far from the beach, just 10 minutes by boat, is Scar Reef. This is the best spot for a little sightseeing below the water. The underwater views were absolutely beyond my expectations. The reef is spectacular, with caespitose coral, arborescent table coral and brain coral, and schools of fish. MYAMO offers other water sports including surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and diving. You also can join a fishing trip in the bay.

There is also a tour to the waterfall near the resort. It is a 15-minute drive from MYAMO and then a five-minute hike to Jereweh Waterfall, or as the locals call it, Diang Kerela. This hidden waterfall is about 20 metres tall and the turquoise pool, about three metres deep, absolutely seduces you to swim in its sun-dappled waters. Besides water activities, MYAMO Beach Lodge has a nine-hole golf course not far from the resort.

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