50 Incredible Oldest Towns In The US

oldest town
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Oldest Towns

Some of America’s oldest towns have transformed into thriving cities that continue to grow, while others seem to have been forgotten by time yet still retain their history and charm. There have inevitably been disputes between towns over who was really “first,” but the places on our list are most likely the oldest.

The US is considered a relatively young country, but of course, plenty of these “oldest towns” and cities have been around for a very long time. By looking at the year settlers founded each town, we’ve figured out the oldest towns by state. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that before European settlers arrived on the land known as The United States Of America, Native Americans called these places their home.

Unfortunately, many towns that were “established,” expelled or wiped out Native Americans by colonizing settlers who claimed the land. Colonial America’s history often erases these stories. So even though it’s not always pretty, history is fascinating! Click “Next” below to see which 50 oldest towns made our list, some of them you might not even know about!

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