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5 Stunning Senior-Friendly Destinations That Are Also Low-Cost

Need some new ideas for your next trip? Consider these senior-friendly destinations!

Many retirees look forward to their golden years because it means that they finally have lots of downtime to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

But when you finally get excited about hitting the open road, you may discover that your wallet won’t allow you to leave your backyard! Don’t worry, though! This is where Must See Places comes in.

We’ve handpicked the best senior-friendly destinations that won’t put a massive dent in your annual budget. The best part? These 5 places are some of the most stunning locations in the US!

… Continue reading about the best low-cost, senior-friendly destinations!

Senior Friendly Destination
Photo by Sean Pavone at Shutterstock

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Famously popular with tourists, this senior-friendly destination has become even more so over the years. Culturally speaking, very few towns of this size could offer you more, and thanks to technological advancements, the ways to enjoy it also continue to grow.

And if you want to see the city and the area surrounding it from a fresh view, you can even go on a two-and-a-half-hour scavenger hunt from Tour Beaver.

While covering about two miles and using smartphones or tablets, the players are given puzzles and clues to solve while simultaneously exploring the city. If this scavenger hunt idea appeals to you, you should know that Santa Fe is only one of many cities that offer them.

Remember that some say the best time to visit this lovely senior-friendly destination is from September to November when the temperatures are a bit comfortable for most folks. No matter when you go, though, remember your sunscreen.

Sedona, Arizona

When most folks think of Arizona, their mind tends to conjure up visions of rattlesnakes, cacti, and scorching hot temperatures.

But less than a two-hour drive from the Phoenix airport, this senior-friendly destination is a sightseer’s paradise with beautiful red rock cliffs and rock formations. And unlike other parts of this state, Sedona’s average summer temperatures rarely go over 90 degrees.

Some of our favorite activities in Sedona include bird watching, hiking, and Jeep Tours of the geological wonders. And this area has plenty of offerings, especially for those into yoga and New Age medicine.

Also, if you want to simply kick back and relax, this senior-friendly destination offers many resorts and hotels, and nothing beats taking in the gorgeous sunset at Cathedral Rock.

Disney World, Florida

You didn’t think Disney was just for the kiddos, did you? We can understand if the first thing that springs to mind after reading “Disney” are the sights and sounds of many enthusiastic children and long lines.

But if you visit this senior-friendly destination during shoulder season, park attendance will be limited. And while it’s true that Disney World doesn’t offer senior discounts on accommodations or tickets, you can find discounts at other sites like AARP or AAA.

Our favorite park is Epcot. Older adults can especially enjoy the park’s world showcase, which takes you on a visual and culinary journey through 11 countries, including Japan, Mexico, and Italy.

Senior Friendly Destination
Photo by Nuria Kreuser at Shutterstock

Pacific Coast Highway, California

If you’ve ever considered hitting the open road with your significant other and exploring the country on an RV, then there’s one route Must See Places can’t recommend enough: the Pacific Coast Highway!

Many people frequently call California its own country in and of itself, and if you travel even a tiny part of this 600-mile stretch of coastal road, it’s easy to understand why.

This senior-friendly destination spans from San Francisco all the way to San Diego, and it’s considered one of the world’s most picturesque and stunning roads.

From the glistening fields of wine country to the charming surfing villages of southern California, there’s something for everyone along this stretch of the US.

US National Parks

There’s more than one reason for conserving natural beauty, and one of those is so we can continue to savor it and, ideally, go back home with a more comprehensive appreciation of the value of the world around us. Luckily for us, the US currently has 59 protected areas.

And taking the Amtrak up to Montana’s East Glacier National Park or driving to the Grand Canyon, we can honestly state that not only is the cost of these comfortable trips surprisingly low but the memories also remain unforgettable.

From California’s Death Valley to Alaska’s Denali, and from Florida’s Everglades to Utah’s Canyonlands, Mother Nature’s offerings are awe-inspiring, infinite, and extremely inspirational.

We recommend checking out the National Park Service website for more details on what these parks can offer regarding accommodations, classes, tours, and other recreational activities. Also, be sure to look into the national park pass for seniors.

… Now that we’ve covered the best senior-friendly destinations to visit that are also low-cost, let’s talk about the best months to travel… during the best years of your life! Here are the 3 best months to travel:

August: Travel the world!

A low-cost way of checking off “exotic world travel” from your senior-friendly destination bucket list is by booking your dream vacation later this month. Prices begin to drop because tourists are heading home.

And while the Mediterranean is still basking in the hot sun, Scandinavian countries make memorable travel destinations with their Northern Lights and comfortable temperatures.

Since you have the luxury of leisure, rather than going on a hectic tour of 5 cities in 5 days, pick one sensational location and savor the sights. Linger in the outdoor cafes and enjoy a less demanding itinerary.

If you wish to stay closer to home, anglers and golfers will find the mountains of New York, Pennsylvania, and New England abound with fast-moving streams, top-rated greens, and charming little towns.

You should also splurge on an overnight stay at a local B & B where the latest trend in hospitality includes fresh-from-the-garden meals. With no school groups to obstruct your view, enjoy the exhibits at local museums or historic homes.

Senior Friendly Destination
Photo by at Shutterstock

September: Crowds have left, and the water temperatures are best

This is the perfect month to head to the beach because the crowds, temperatures, and lodging prices start dropping around this time of the year. You can also forget about long waits at restaurants.

Now’s the time to schedule a fishing or boat trip, or for the more adventurous, an evening kayak paddle on the ocean.  Hint: southern-style hospitality mixed with coastal views is ideal.

You can also take a drive through the countryside before the autumn leaf peepers clog the roads to explore antique stores and roadside produce stands along your way. Wanna bring back some childhood memories? Take a trip to a senior-friendly destination like a country fair.

Snap a selfie with a prize-winning sheep, or enjoy a nostalgic ride on a merry-go-round. You can even organize a bus trip. Gather a group of art lovers, history buffs, or other like-minded day-trippers and you can split the rental.

Pro Tip: Wear flats when exploring a senior-friendly destination. And keep your valuables in your hotel safe.

October: Autumn harvest celebrations, here we come!

This month brings harvest season, Octoberfest merriment, and many other reasons to get out of the house. Check your local paper for all the Fall events around your area, or plan a vacation filled with crisp autumn sights, sounds, and delicious smells.

All nature lovers should experience the beauty of the northeast’s changing seasons. The rich colors of the changing leaves, with a slight chill and warm apple cider, are enough to make anyone excited to pull out their flannel and travel to a senior-friendly destination like New York, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut.

You can rent a cabin and make a week or weekend of it! You may even wish to combine a visit with grandkids and a weekday tour.

Be sure to let us know if you’ve ever been to any of these senior-friendly destinations and if you have any tips for our readers. And if you liked this article, we highly recommend you also read: 6 Charming East Coast Small Towns for Your Next Getaway

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