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Top 4 Weirdest Natural Wonders in America

Weirdest Natural Wonders
Photo by Filip Fuxa at Shutterstock

The Wave, Arizona

One of the most incredible geological formations in the world began taking shape over 190 million years ago. Arizona’s Wave stands in the Coyote Buttes ravine, about 5,225 feet above sea level.

The Wave has a remarkable undulating formation, with enormous sandstone structures resembling stretched taffy and cinnamon-colored strata domes. It’s, in a way, a geological snapshot of natural forces’ impact on the environment.

The Wave comprises Navajo Sandstone dunes that have calcified horizontally and vertically, turning into hardened, compacted rocks over time. Slow wind and rain erosion created one of nature’s weirdest natural wonders.

But before planning a trip, please note: While the rocks have been hardened, they’re still sensitive to damage. Only 20 visitors can walk through the ravine daily, and permits are required.

The permits are issued through online and in-person lotteries, and tour guides are also available for hire.

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