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Top 4 Weirdest Natural Wonders in America

Weirdest Natural Wonders
Photo by Danita Delimont at Shutterstock

Thor’s Well, Yachats, Oregon

Did you know that a natural hole is draining the sea on the Oregon coast? Near Cape Perpetua, a gaping, apparently bottomless sinkhole engulfs the unbroken stream of seawater around it. In fact, Thor’s Well isn’t bottomless… but it IS perilous.

Also called the drainpipe of the Pacific, the well is a hole in the rock that appears to drain water from the ocean.

Researchers say that the “Well” probably started as a sea cave scooped out by the waves before the roof ultimately collapsed and formed openings at the top and bottom through which the water sprays. The vast hole is most likely only about 20 feet deep in all actuality.

But it still produces impressive sights. This is one of the weirdest natural wonders that’s most spectacular to view at high tide or during storms when the water crashes violently over the rocks and funnels into the hole.

But be aware! During these torrents, unsuspecting visitors to the site risk being swept into the vortex.

Regardless of the dangers, though, photographers continue to flock to this majestic fountain to snap some fantastic pics of the waters that live up to their namesake’s personality. So make sure you grab your camera if you venture out to this incredible location!

Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know if you’ve visited any of America’s weirdest natural wonders! And if you liked this article, we also recommend reading about 5 Charming TV and Movie Locations You Should Add to Your Bucket List

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