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11 Most Breathtaking Cliffs Around The US

Photo by Galyna_Andrushko at Envato Elements

The US has many incredible cliffs that you can visit and check off on your bucket list. Not only are they remarkable for their natural scenic beauty but the thrill factor as well.

Besides a large number of historical events associated with some cliffs, there is also an abundance of tourist activities centered around them. Each cliff is unique and has diverse geographical features, but the stunning natural splendor, as well as their adrenaline factor, sets them apart from other destinations.

There’s something incredibly liberating about jumping into the unknown. But for those who don’t have the will or experience to jump safely, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular views.

Find out our 11 most breathtaking cliffs (wait ’till you see number 5) around the United States and choose one for your next trip!

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