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11 Majestic and Charming Fairy Tale Towns in USA

Fairy Tale Towns in USA
Photo by Oxa at Shutterstock

Discover The Fairy Tale Towns In USA TODAY!

When you imagine a charming fairy tale town, what comes to mind? A colorful village, sublime mountains, and no tale comes without its very own castle!

No matter your age or what culture you are, how exhilarating would it be to resurrect the sense of wonder and magic from your childhood, even if only for a few days?

Well, you don’t have to cross the ocean because there are numerous picture-perfect places in the U.S. to feed your childhood fantasies. We have found many beautiful fairy tale towns in USA, ready for you to explore. And they’re all set in landscapes that seem out of this world.

Nature isn’t the only beautiful thing you’ll find at our first location…..

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10 thoughts on “11 Majestic and Charming Fairy Tale Towns in USA”

  1. This list kinda sucked AND it was laid out in that super annoying cheesy click bait’click each page to see each one’ style. There are sooo many beautiful places for all travelers and adventurers around the World to highly consider visiting in America- Cochise County AZ desert and mountains, Key West FL, Hilton Head and Charleston SC, coastal Maine, Minnesota Lake Country, South Dakota mountains near Rushmore, Lake country of Eastern WA and Northern Idaho, San Juan Islands and Olympic peninsula WA State, the river gorges of Wisconsin, Upper peninsula Michigan, Big Bear and the high desert in the Inland Empire, Northern New Mexico mountain ranges, Yellowstone WY, Mountains rivers and forests of West Virginia, Malibu Laguna La Jolla, Oregon coast and high deserts, Columbia River gorge, etc, etc

  2. Lance Ishimoto

    With the exception of Glacier Bay and Aspen, I can name ten places in the Sierra Nevada alone that dwarf the other sites/views mentioned on that list. The finest works of man pale in comparison to the average works of nature.

    1. 100% agreed! I went on an 8,000 mile solo road trip 4 yrs ago, completely unplanned and with NO schedule. I concluded that if others could see what i saw just in the incredible green rolling hills as far as you can see, and majestic cliffs and winding rivers, etc… And if others could meet strangers as i did here and there… those people would be changed and their hearts would swell in gratitude and thanksgiving at being alive and able to take in such astounding sights and to meet such regular, real, and often loving people. God is good!

  3. You missed the place that is “out of this world”. Rock Island, WI. It’s a full day trip if you’re staying further down on the Door Co Peninsula. First you take a car ferry to Washington Island and then a foot ferry to Rock Island. Go on a warm, cloudless day and when you’re there you feel that you’re at the TOP OF THE WORLD. The blue sky and the blue water seem to be one. It is TRULY AMAZING.

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