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4 Best Summer Festivals in the US

Summer Festival
Photo by Moab Republic at Shutterstock

UFO Festival

When? June 30th to July 2nd

Where? Roswell, New Mexico

Back in 1947, a ranch owner heard a loud crash outside his house, and when he checked it out, he discovered metal pieces and some other strange parts of some kind of aircraft. He called the Sheriff, who phoned the Air Force, and they came and cleared the wreckage.

Many believe this was a UFO crash and that our government wanted to cover it up. Who knows what’s really out there? No matter the case, the UFO festival is very entertaining to be a part of!

This summer festival takes an amusing look at the UFO Phenomenon and encourages people to dress up as Aliens, their dogs included!


  • Tour of the Roswell UFO Crash site
  • 5k Alien-Themed Parade known as the “Alien Chase”
  • Planetarium Tours
  • Vintage Fairs that showcase alien and robot toys
  • Alien Research Speakers

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