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4 Magnificent Beachfront Hotels You Can Actually Afford

Beachfront Hotel
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Think you can’t afford a beachfront hotel? …Think again!

Your summer beach vacation should involve the breeze in your hair and the sand in your toes. Not the bill you’ve accumulated at the front desk. Just imagine waves lapping against the shore, salt-tinged breezes, and the sun-warmed sand enveloping your toes.

And the best part? This all happens mere steps from a beachfront hotel room with an incredible ocean view. Yup…that’s the stuff that perfect beach vacations are made of. But don’t freak out about the costs just yet.

We found a few affordable, magnificent, and amenity-packed hotels right on the beach. And they’re all under $250 per night!

So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly family vacation, a romantic couples retreat, or just a getaway with friends, we’ve got you covered with 4 of the best low-cost beachfront hotels for every type of traveler.

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