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7 Incredible US UNESCO World Heritage Sites to See in Your Lifetime

US UNESCO World Heritage Site
Photo by Kit Leong at Shutterstock

Have you ever visited any of these US UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

There are 24 US UNESCO World Heritage Sites out of the 1,121 globally. These sites are selected for their universal value in cultural or natural heritage.

They’re places as diverse and unique as East Africa’s Serengeti, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Pyramids of Egypt, and the Grand Canyon in our country.

World Heritage Sites represent an outstanding opportunity for our country to tell the whole story of America, our people’s extraordinary diversity, and our land’s beauty.

Unlike other famous landmarks, UNESCO Sites are protected and carefully preserved because they hold immense scientific, historical, cultural, and aesthetic value.

And most importantly, to allow our future generations to witness their magnificence and learn essential milestones in human development. On that note, check out 7 incredible US UNESCO world heritage sites you “Must See” TODAY!

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