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8 Stunning Budget-Friendly Tropical Places to Visit in Winter

Must See Places uncovers the best budget-friendly tropical places!

When the novelty of winter and its cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and the holidays wears out, the last thing you want to do is hang around for more gloomy weather.

When that time comes, it’s the perfect moment to escape to a budget-friendly tropical place to cure your cold-weather woes. We understand that it’s easy to see the word “tropical” and think “expensive.”

But plenty of destinations offer spectacular beaches, palm trees, and warm weather year-round.

From the idyllic Caribbean and Mexico to everywhere else around the world, trade in the snow for a beach in these 8 budget-friendly tropical places that are both affordable and fun.

Budget-Friendly Tropical Place
Photo by Sean Hsu at Shutterstock


The Philippines’ most significant and biodiverse island, the archipelago of Palawan, is home to incredibly crystal clear waters, beautiful limestone cliffs, and many nooks and crannies for you to explore, including an underground river you “Must See.”

The beaches here are considered some of the best in the world. There are over 1200 miles of coastline, the diving is at a travel bucket-list level, and you’ll find lots of amiable people everywhere.

Palawan also has land and sea nature reserves, and because it’s a UNESCO heritage site, it’s mostly untouched. On top of all that, Palawan is the perfect budget-friendly tropical place, with a wide selection of basic resorts and hotels that don’t take a toll on your wallet.


Located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this budget-friendly tropical place is the largest Caribbean island. The famous cities for tourists in Cuba include Havana, Trinidad, Baracoa, Varadero, and Santiago de Cuba.

Other stunning destinations include Jardines del Rey, Cayo Largo, and Varadero Beach. Travelers visiting the country are required to have a tourist visa card, which is generally valid for about 30 days.

One exception is the Canadian tourist visa, which is good for 90 days and can be extended for another 90. Once you arrive in Cuba, you can access numerous destinations by public buses that charge a flat rate of US$0.015.

Other means of transport within this beautiful country include planes, taxis, and trains. The leading food in the country is rice and beans, and most meals will cost about $0.50 per person, with most restaurants owned by the government.

Puerto Rico

On the Mona Passage, Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean Sea, a key Panama shipping lane. This budget-friendly tropical place has several tourist destinations, including Caja de Muertos Island, San Juan National Historic Site, Mona Island, and Guanica State Forest.

US citizens don’t need a visa to enter Puerto Rico because it’s a US territory. This means that several airlines offer direct flights between the island and the US.

Once you arrive, you can get around the island by taxi, which operates under the Tourism Taxi Program with fixed rates depending on the distance you wish to go. You can also rent a car for as low as $25 daily. Buses and trains also offer transport services around the country.


If you’re like many others, Morocco has been on your travel bucket list forever. So why not use your vacation this winter or spring and get to this budget-friendly tropical place for warm weather and incredible views?

You can find low-cost flights from 7 US cities to Casablanca and Marrakech for as low as $505 roundtrip. Meals in Morocco are also extremely inexpensive, especially from street stalls. You can enjoy the local kebabs and other specialties for just a couple of bucks.

And if you’re looking to save on accommodations, try out a hostel! Rooms are inexpensive, and you’ll meet other like-minded travelers. They often coordinate tours, so you won’t have to find your own guides either.

Budget-Friendly Tropical Place
Photo by Andrii_K at Shutterstock

Dominican Republic

Whether you wish to wander around Santo Domingo, go to the typical resort town of Punta Cana, or spend your days hanging out with the starfish on one of the many secluded beaches, this budget-friendly tropical place has something for everyone.

This dense tropical oasis is home to Los Haitises National Park, which is full of forests and caverns to explore, whale-watching opportunities, and fantastic surf.

As the second largest Caribbean country, the Dominican Republic can be easily accessed from New York, Miami, and many other other US cities. Not to mention, dollars are usually powerful compared to the peso.


This budget-friendly tropical place is the second biggest country in all of Central America. You’ll be greeted with ancient Maya ruins, colonial villages, natural parks, and coastlines of the Pacific and Caribbean characterized by stunning beaches and coral reefs.

The best amenities for visitors can be found in the big cities, including Tela, San Pedro Sula, and Utila. And there are also good hotels in charming small towns at a slightly higher cost, although all in all, Honduras is a relatively inexpensive country to visit.

Citizens of non-Central American countries must pay a fee of $3 upon entry by land. San Pedro Sula has major airports that receive direct flights from Miami, Atlanta, and New York, among many other destinations.

While there, you can get around the country by boat, train, car, and bus. The budget-friendly tropical place also has several Platos tipicos eateries that offer reasonably priced lunches.


With all the stories we’ve ever heard about the Bermuda Triangle, why not unlock the mystery for yourself?

Traveling to this mysterious place has never been easier because you can find flights from many US cities to this budget-friendly tropical place for under $300 this winter. Overall, this is your picture-perfect affordable winter getaway.

There are plenty of low-cost or entirely free things to do in Bermuda. Its tourism department recommends watching the sunset at Daniel’s Head Park, riding the SeaExpress around the island, observing the Gombey dancers, or checking out the Calico Jack’s Pirate Fire Show.

If you wish to keep yourself active, you can hike up to Fort Scaur, explore the Bermuda Railway Trail, and sit and enjoy a bonfire on Tobacco Bay Beach. The good news? Everything we mentioned is either free or under $5!

Budget-Friendly Tropical Place
Photo by Simon Dannhauer at Shutterstock


The coastlines of this beautiful country can be found on the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. This budget-friendly tropical place offers eager tourists a wide variety of experiences besides taking advantage of 2 oceans.

You can enjoy towering mountains and lush forests, as well as a slice of urban life in Panama City. It’s a relatively inexpensive country to visit.

But, the food is somewhat expensive compared to our own country, and the cost depends on whether the food is produced locally or exported. Getting around Panama by road can be grueling, with heavy traffic between 8 and 9 am and again between 3 and 7.

Citizens from countries that hold treaties with Panama don’t need a visa to enter the country. And all citizens from other countries are given visas valid for 30-90 days with the possibility of prolonging it.

Visa requirements include a return ticket out of Panama, a copy of a bank statement, and proof of accommodation.

What did you think about these budget-friendly tropical places? Have you been to any of them? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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