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The Most Charming Small U.S. Cities You Should Move to

Photo by wavebreakmedia from Shutterstock

Nothing compares with the charm of a small city, and if you live in one, you most definitely know what we are talking about. But, if you’re used to seeing skyscrapers and heavy traffic all day, you’ll be surprised to experience what living in a small city feels like. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, you should enjoy at least once in a lifetime (if not every single weekend).

People who live in small cities tend to be more positive and cheerful. In fact, it has been shown that they are happier than their urban counterparts. Fortunately for all of us, our country is full of charming small towns—we just have to highlight the best of the best.

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27 thoughts on “The Most Charming Small U.S. Cities You Should Move to”

  1. Mercdes Concepcion

    Thank you for “the most beautiful cities in USA” hey are indeed gorgeous but, I’d still pick Savanah as the most beautiful city, and friendly people

  2. Naples, Savannah, Charleston, NC, Ashville…. all really neat cities. One you might not think of is Buffalo, NY. I can hear the jaws dropping and see all of you thinking SNOW!!! Sure but that also means some of the best skiing in the East just south of the city. I sail my boat to Toronto and many other ports on Lake Ontario and to the 1000 Islands, considered world class cruising grounds. Some of the best local restaurants, and the Elmwood Village considered one of he top neighborhoods in the country. Terrific local schools, colleges and universities. Roswell Park, one of the best cancer institutes in the country …. plus, its affordable.

  3. Kenneth L Mason

    Good afternoon, I have family in the most coolest places in the country : Southern California, L.A. Myself personally would prefer San Diego. The atmosphere, year round temperature in the 70’s, great fantastic views, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, The beautiful Coachella Valley & so much more. And let’s not forget the mighty Pacific Ocean. All in all, the West Coast or Arizona, that’s my choice.

    1. I live in Arizona, and I would never l live in California. Worst run state, too many liberals who are screwing up the whole state, worst political leadership, as well as too many homeless people.

  4. The entire U. S. is peppered with hundreds of small beautiful towns. Many of them are wonderful places to live. I know. I have been there and done just that in many of them. My work was the cause of my moving around a lot, but that was not a bad thing. I enjoyed every bit of the moving around.

  5. We moved to Naples in April of this year. Believe it or not, even in our eighties, this place keeps us up and moving…..and the weather is great….i feel 20 years younger…no lie.
    Stay up North if you want to….but here’s a secret…they say Florida is “hot” in the summer….well, if you check, you’ll learn that along with the wonderful sun and sunsets, Naples is bathed in cooling, clean-sea breezes from 3 different directions almost all the time…appreciate that the stores, houses, cars are all air-conditioned, and many folks happily dunk in their own private pools to “cool off” if need be. There’s a rich, peaceful life-style here that’s really great!

  6. Wow! I’m from Buffalo, New York. Still love it but the winters with their 6 foot and up snow are really overwhelming. Also: high crime in Buffalo. I live in North Carolina right now but always will feel that people from this city are warm and wonderful for the most part! The weather? that sucks…

  7. It is unfortunate that people have to get nasty and start with the name calling, even while commenting on something as benign as this article. Why folks?
    Don’t you get enough of that listening to the news? Ugh!

  8. gov has nothing to do with Naples. Florida is Beautiful and growing faster than they can build and that’s non-stop all year around. People love leaving blue york to stay down there for the winters and even now moving there permanently. If you don’t like red states or states with no handouts you won’t like those governors either.

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