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The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

When it comes to stunning vacation destinations, there are so many incredible islands to choose from. However, the ones listed on this article are basically pieces of paradise. The following eight, with their spectacular views, turquoise waters and hidden gems are by far the world’s most beautiful islands. (See it for yourself!)

Photo by photocreo from Envato Elements | The crystal clear waters of the Maldives

1. Maldives

Situated in the Arabian Sea off the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a tiny island country that is literally heaven on earth. When you say Maldives you can instantly see the gorgeous overwater bungalows, the dazzling crystal clear waters and the magical views that take your breath away.

If sipping exotic cocktails while watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean seems like the perfect vacation for you, you should definitely visit Maldives. For those who love scuba diving, this luxurious location is known for having an abundance of marine life, so don’t hesitate when you see a PADI dive center.

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