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5 Best Small Towns on the West Coast for Wine Tasting and Beautiful Views

West Coast
Photo by James Kirkikis at Shutterstock

Sausalito, California

This West Coast location almost has a Cinque Terre feel about it, with brightly colored homes on hills lining the sea and, perhaps most alluring, many floating homes and houseboats, including one that was previously owned by writer Shel Silverstein!

The small, artistic enclave lies right across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, offering an escape from the bustling city and manageable access. Wondering what to do in this West Coast town when you’re not relaxing?

Check out the nearby Muir Woods National Monument and take a stroll under the old-growth redwood trees. Or you can check out the functioning 3D hydraulic model of the Bay Area at the US Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model Visitor Center.

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