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5 Best Small Towns on the West Coast for Wine Tasting and Beautiful Views

West Coast
Photo by fox_lei at Shutterstock

These West Coast towns may be quaint, but they have a lot to offer!

Now that summer is on its way, it might be time to take that vacation you’ve been craving and spend some quality time relaxing with a glass of wine and your feet in the waves. But where should you take your next trip?

After all, the US is chock full of glorious beaches, coastal delight, charming wine regions, and striking national parks.

Well, the West Coast is home to plenty of beautiful small towns that are worth visiting if you’re the type of traveler who prefers getting lost in quiet spots rather than noisy and overcrowded cities.

From villages that look like fairytales to towns meant to look like European destinations and places where you can easily escape to nature, here are 5 of our favorite small towns on the West Coast!

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