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5 Popular Small Towns in America You SHOULD Pass On

Popular Small Town
Photo by Kenneth Sponsler at Shutterstock

How Many Of These Popular Small Towns Have YOU Been To?

The fantastic thing about traveling around our country is that every region is so unique. Someone who vacations in California will have a totally different experience from someone who decides to fly to Chicago for the weekend.

You could easily do an internet search nowadays to find the popular small towns within a particular state that are worth visiting. And there ARE several states that are popular tourist destinations.

But many popular small towns that are recommended on lots of travel sites are highly overrated. These small towns have reputations as fantastic tourist stops, but in reality, they’re pretty boring and more trouble than they’re worth.

We’ve tried to limit this list to the states that are the most popular among tourists and highlight towns that are nationally famous. So let’s find out what the most OVER-rated popular small towns in the US are!

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