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11 Most Majestic Sunset Locations In America

Photo by Galyna Andrushko at Shutterstock

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

Ten thousand and twenty-three feet above sea level waits for you an incredible display of colors and natural wonder if you check out the sunset at Mount Haleakala. This unique place echoes ancient and modern Hawaiian culture stories and protects the bond between the land and its people.

When visiting this special place, you renew your spirit among striking volcanic landscapes and sub-tropical rainforest with an impressive hike through the backcountry. This area doesn’t have much light at night and is high enough above sea level that there isn’t much environmental pollution.

When you first arrive in Hawaii, time change might make it hard for you to stay awake past your dinnertime, so you may want to start with the sunrise if you’re looking for an authentic Hawaiian adventure. During this time, National Park rangers will lead groups in traditional Hawaiian greetings to embrace the sun.

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